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Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Wide product range


In pharmaceutical and chemical industries MULTICRACKER is used for various applications - from plant extracts to functional plastics used in diapers.

For some applications the homogeneous ground product is the decisive fact - for others the minimal heating of the product during the grinding process. Besides these outstanding characteristics all users appreciate the excellent quality, the ease of service and the long durability of MULTICRACKER® machinery. Not only for production but also for recycling of over production and reject MULTICRACKER® arouses more and more interest in these industries.

Selection of application

  • Pharmaceutical base materials
  • Medicinal teas
  • Phytopharmaceutical ingredients
  • root extracts
  • tree bark extracts
  • Cannabis products
  • Vegetable oils
  • Eccences
  • Medicinal plants
  • Chemical base materials
  • Renewable raw materials
  • Detergent and toiletry products
  • Construction materials
  • Chemical fibers
  • Organic fibers

More applications